Spanish-English similar words
Let's Begin!

To kick off our Beginners (and Travellers) courses we show you how many Spanish words you already know, even if you have never had a minute's tuition in the language before. There are many similarities between English and Spanish, and this is our starting point.


Our students find it very encouraging to know they can identify hundreds of Spanish words at sight. With a few hints you will build on this familiarity and form basic sentences. Many other Spanish words have a relationship with English and it's useful to look for those links.

Feel the language!

You will also come to feel the vibrant rhythm of spoken Spanish.


Our primary aim is to provide you with the "survival" skills to make travel and meeting people a pleasurable and rewarding experience. Our classes use language in everyday settings (e.g. ordering restaurant meals, shopping, hotel bookings) and also introduce you to the rich and varied cultures of Spain and Latin America.

SPANISH EASY IS IN CANBERRA’S INNER SOUTH (NARRABUNDAH: Community Services #1 complex, behind 63 Boolimba Crescent and GRIFFITH: Neighbourhood Centre behind 55 Stuart Street, beside Griffith shops).

We offer tuition for beginners & travellers, more advanced levels, and conversation groups. Contact us on (02) 5100 4464 or 0419 705 473 (or email as below).
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Inner South, Canberra (ACT)

Summer 2020


TUESDAYS from 6.30 pm
starts 4 FEBRUARY
9 week course
materials included $340 total
nothing more to buy

WEDNESDAYS from 6.30 pm
starts 12 FEBRUARY
9 week course
materials included $340 total
nothing more to buy


Other course levels:

also private tuition
is available,
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