2022 - Spanish Easy's 25th Anniversary Year!

All our best wishes to students past and present for a happy and successful 2022… after two years of disruption, inconvenience (at the very least), uncertainty and… well, everything else that we have all been experiencing, we hope that the worst is well and truly behind us.

Let's look forward to picking up our lives, regaining purpose and commitment, perhaps fulfilling delayed plans or taking the opportunity for new beginnings.

The background to our Anniversary:

Spanish Easy began in earnest in the inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne 25 years ago, and then moved to Canberra, where we have been ever since: in the inner-north and the inner-south. In particular we want to thank Campbell Primary School for several very happy and productive years we spent in its then-new multi-purpose facility, and to wish them well with their current major rebuilding program.

In those 25 years the Spanish language that we love has continued to grow in use and popularity worldwide. It is easily the world's 3rd-most used language and some experts now rate it even higher for communication internationally. On the Internet, and notably media such as Netflix and YouTube, the opportunities to hear Spanish and participate in learning through entertainment have expanded enormously.

During the pandemic Spanish Easy in Canberra moved to a mix of online and face-to-face tuition; both with our ongoing commitment to small group classes, individual attention and 'round-table' participation. As we go into 2022 and its promise of better times to come we hope you can join us.