Face-to-face classes resume, online continues

JULY 2020

FACE-TO-FACE CLASSES ARE RESUMING, with class sizes scaled down even further from our usual (pre-Covid19) policy.
The maximum number of students in any class = 9, allowing even more space per student than the ACT regulations.
Cleaning and sanitising is carried out before each class in accordance with those regulations.
OUR INNER-SOUTH CANBERRA CLASSES ARE HELD IN GRIFFITH, near Canberra Avenue; convenient if coming by car or bus (R6).

ONLINE CLASSES have proved to be very successful and popular and we will continue those.
To participate in our online tuition you must have:

- a good internet connection

- a modern laptop, desktop computer (with mic and webcam), tablet or smart-phone

- an up-to-date version of the common web browsers
such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge (January 2020+)… all are free to download and use.

- easy access to email

- please also ensure that you are able to take classes in a quiet location,
that's good for you and good for everyone else too!

- we use a web-browser based system called Whereby. Unlike most other video meetings you are not required to download apps, or sign up to any service, or reveal any personal information. We like that your privacy and data are protected under strict European regulations. And it's really easy to use!

inquiries? email or phone us